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Key Witness declared ‘missing’ by the Prosecution…gives Deposition as Defence Witness: ‘It was Pakistan Military who killed my mother, Saydee not involved’

27 Oct

On 23rd November, a witness listed by the prosecution to prove their case against Allama Dlwar Hossain Saydee deposed as Defence witness and claimed that Mr Saydee had no relationship what so ever with the alleged murder of his mother. Gonesh Chandra Saha deposed as Defence Witness No. 17. This was widely published in the press.

The most crucial issue which many press missed is that Continue reading


Saudi Gazette – ‘Executions preordained in Bangladesh war crimes trial’

23 Oct

‘Executions preordained in Bangladesh war crimes trial’

JEDDAH — Eminent British lawyer Toby Cadman, who is representing five Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami leaders accused of committing international crimes during the country’s 1971 liberation war, fears that many of the accused will be convicted by the symbolic date of Dec. 16 this year and will be executed by March 25, 2013. Continue reading


22 Oct


On 21 October, 2012, during the proceedings of ICT  BD Case No.3 of 2011 (Chief Prosecutor v Motiur Rahman Nizami) at the International Crimes Tribunal-1 (“the Tribunal-1”), the Prosecution Witness No. 1, Misbahur Rahman Chowdhury (Chairman of Islami Okkyo Jote, a political party which is member of the Ruling Grand Alliance) verbally abused Mr. Tajul Islam. Continue reading

اوقفوا مضايقة محاموا الدفاع في قضية مجرمي الحرب : منظمة هيومن رايتس ووتش

18 Oct

اوقفوا مضايقة محاموا الدفاع في قضية مجرمي الحرب : منظمة هيومن رايتس ووتش

إن عملية المداهمة،التي قامت بها الشرطة المدججة بالسلاح دون تقديم أي مبرر،على مكتب ابرز محامي فريق الدفاع في محاكمات جرائم الحرب التي تجري في بنغلاديش حاليا هو إهانة خطيرة وانتهاك صريح  للمبادئ الأساسية للمحاكمات العادلة. وينبغي على حكومة بنجلاديش أن تتخذ إجراءات عقابية ضد أولئك الذين أمروا بمداهمة مكتب محامي الدفاع البارز والمعروف محمد تاج الإسلام واتخاذ خطوات كفيلة لضمان أمن المحامين الذين  لا تخضع للتهديد والترهيب. Continue reading

Human Rights Watch calls for stopping Harassment of Bangladesh War Crimes Defence Counsels

18 Oct

A raid by armed intelligence officers on the offices of defense lawyers without a warrant and for no discernible reason marks a very dangerous turn in an already flawed process. The Bangladeshi government needs to publicly condemn this action or risk the appearance of being responsible for this egregious violation of fair trial standards.
Brad Adams, Asia Director Continue reading

Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal ignores Defence Witnesses’ intimidation by Intelligence Personell

18 Oct

On 17th October 2012, The International Crimes Tribunal No.1 has been specifically informed by the Defence counsels about the intimidations of intelligence personnel to the Defence Witness for Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee, the Tribunal failed to show any interest for their protection. They have specific powers under the Act & Rules to ensure protection for the witnesses. But that appears to only available to Prosecution witnesses, NOT for the Defense Witness.

The details of what happened on 17.10.2012 are given below Continue reading

House of Lords’ deep concerns over Bangladesh War Crimes Trial’s failings

12 Oct

A debate in the House of Lords held on the topic of “Bangladesh: Human Rights”, the members expresses deep concerns over the failings of the Bangladesh War Crimes Trials. Continue reading