Defence Witness abducted from the Tribunal Premises by plain clothed men

5 Nov

Today, the 5th November 2012 at around 10 AM, a defence witness namely Mr Shukho Ranjan Bali was abducted from the Tribunal Premises. He was coming to the International Crimes Tribunal, Dhaka (“the Tribunal”) to testify for the accused Mr Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee.

The defence witness was approaching towards Tribunal in the car of the senior defence counsel Mr Mizanul Islam when uniformed policemen stopped their car for security check at the entrance of the Tribunal. The uniformed police informed that they have instruction not allow anyone except designated lawyers to go inside the Tribunal Room. While senior defence counsel Mr Mizanul Islam was explaining that Mr Bali is a defence witness, a group of plain clothed men approached the vehicle and grabbed defence witness and tried to pull him out of the vehicle. Mr Islam and his associate counsel tried to prevent them and tried to draw the attention of the uniformed policemen who were silently observing the unfolding event. At this point one of the plain clothed men identified himself as member of the ‘Detective Branch’ and that he has instruction from the ‘higher authority’ to take the witness away. The plain clothed men then forcefully removed him from the vehicle and took him into a car belonging to the ‘Rapid Action Battalion’ an elite security agency in Bangladesh. The Associate of Mr Islam namely Mr Shohag Banna wanted to know where they are taking the defence witness, they informed that he is being taken to the Detective Branch head office situated at the ‘Minto Road, Dhaka’. All this took place infront of unformed policemen who did not make any attempt to intervene.

The Chief Defence Counsel Mr Abdur Razzaq brought this to the notice of the tribunal, and prayed that the Tribunal should issue direction upon the law enforcing agencies to ‘produce’ the defence witness before the Tribunal. Most unfortunately, the Tribunal merely ‘requested’ the Chief Prosecutor and Chief of the Investigation Agency to ‘look into the matter’.

The defence counsel immediately tried to amend the order of the tribunal since there is a high probability that it is the Investigation agency and Prosecution who might be behind the abduction. Hence, it defeats the purpose if the perpetrators are given charge to investigate their own crime. The Tribunal most arbitrarily refused to amend the order.

Till posting of this blog entry, there is no trace of Mr Shuko Ranjan Bali and his family members fear for his life given the current trend of forced disappearance in the country.

International Community must draw Bangladesh Government’s attention to save the life of defence Witness Mr Shuko Ranjan Bali.

Keep a watch on this blog…Will be updating as more information surfaces..!!!


3 Responses to “Defence Witness abducted from the Tribunal Premises by plain clothed men”

  1. Nine BRi November 5, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    This is extraordinary!

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  2. Haritha November 5, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    Awami League Criminals


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