Mammoth Gathering by Save Bangladesh at British Parliament Square: Either Ensure Fair Trial under International Supervision or Release Opposition Leaders

25 Nov

Mammoth Gathering by Save Bangladesh at British Parliament Square

Either Ensure Fair Trial under International Supervision or Release Opposition Leaders

London, Tuesday the 20 November 2012.

This afternoon a large protest took place at the Parliament Square in front of the historic Palace of Westminster, the home of the British Parliament by London based Human Rightsorganization, Save Bangladesh.

Thousands of Bangladeshis from different parts of the United Kingdom joined the demonstration to record their discontent with the current Awami League led government on issues ranging from extra-judicial killings, forced disappearance, endemic and high profile corruption, soaring inflation and price hike to unfair and highly politically motivated war crimes trial.

Reverberating the square with chants and slogans the meeting started at in the early afternoon presided over by Nazrul Islam, Barrister-at-law and President of Save Bangladesh. Men and women converged carrying colorful banners and festoons with pictures of the fallen/tortured humanbeings under the corrupt government which happens to have pardoned 21 convicted murderers from their own party while holding kangaroo trial against most innocent people whose only crime was that they belong to the opposition parties.

Mohammad Abu Baker Molla, Barrister-at-law, HR activist and Coordinator of Save Bangladesh, UK warned the AL government about the dangerous path it is choosing for themselves and the nation, which is an exact copy of current PM’s father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who tried to suppress opposition by killing hundreds of thousands of people including thousands of freedom fighter, banning mass media and all opposition political parties but that could not save him at last.

Referring to Arab Spring, Abdullah Faliq – Head of Researcher, Cordoba Foundation, asked the government to take lessons from Egypt, Tunisia and other despotic regimes who tried all their best to remain in power but failed. Not only them, their corrupt children and family members also fallen to the knee from the top.

In the name of international war crime tribunal, the AL government had created a caricature of medieval street justice of tyrant rulers but alas their monarchs could not last long, saidAnas at Tikriti – Founding Member of British Muslim Initiative and Cordova Foundation; he asked the Muslim PM to act fairly or be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Muhidur Rahman, Chairperson of Bangladesh Centre for Social Development, said that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami (BJI) is a registered political party with licence to work freely anywhere in the country. They got representation in the current parliament while BJI had participated in all the democratic elections held under the current government, he added. Hence, the constitution of the country allowed them to organise protest and seminars which should not be attacked by ruling party cadres and riot police.

If a democratic party is pushed to the wall and banned outright, warned M A Malik – former secretary of the UK BNP, it will serve as a boomerang for the government and country in the long run. He reminded PM that she had promised under oath not to take actions out of anger or annoyance which is a sign of fascist intolerance.

Thousands of on lookers both British and tourists eagerly joined in to learn more about the critical situation in Bangladesh. A number of members of British parliament, from both houses, came out in support of the protest and promised to raise their concern with the relevant body.

Professor Abdul Kader Saleh, President of UK KhelafotMojlish, raised concern on recent abduction of the defencewitness from the Tribunal gate and condemned the threats made against the defence counsels by government intelligence.

Retired Brigadier Usman Khalid of Pakistan Rifah Partycriticised the sporadic violations of human rights which, on most occasions, instigated by the ruling party thugs and criminals. Sheikh Mohammad Al Massari from Saudi Arabia reminded the PM and AL leaders that the oppressors had their end and Allah would certainly help the oppressed one very soon.

Mufti Shah Sadruddin, President of Jamiat-e-Ulama Islam Europe, told the crowd that the present government had failed in every aspects of public life; comparing them with the Pharaohs of Egypt, the AL government would be drowned soon, he added.

Many other prominent speakers also spoke on the trial of Islamic Scholars like Mowlana Saeede who was twice voted to Parliament by the huge Hindu minority constituents; never in last four decades, there was a single crime recorded with the local police against him, said Mowlana Maudud Hasan,ofDawatul Islam UK & Ire.

Hasan Mueen Uddin, Vice President of Dawatul Islam UK & Ire, Ayub Khan from IFE, M Ghaneem from Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Maolana Shuaib Ahmed of JUIE, UmarAli from Federation of Students’ Islamic Societies UK and Mohammed Khozber of Finsbury Mosque also spoke on the injustices committed by the AL led government and its terrorist sister organisation around the country.

The crowd demanded for fair trial under the auspices of UN and ICC, otherwise to release the opposition leaders at once. If the government fails to allow the peaceful protest by BJI activists, they would be held liable for any subsequent consequences by people and international community.

Later on a group of delegates led by Nazrul Islam, Barrister-at-law and President of Save Bangladesh and Mohammad Abu Baker Molla, Barrister-at-law, HR activist and Coordinator of Save Bangladesh UK placed a petition to British Prime Minsterat 10 Downing Street and Submitted a Memorandum to House of Lords.


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