Tribunal holds The Economist at Contempt

6 Dec

ICT notice to The Economist Editor | Bangladesh |


Dhaka, Dec 6 (— The first international crimes tribunal of Bangladesh on Thursday ordered the Editor of the globally-acclaimed weekly The Economist and its South Asia Bureau Chief to explain why legal proceeding should not be initiated against them.

ICT-1 Chairman Justice Nizamul Huq passed the rule on charges of breaching privacy of a judge and meddling with the process of the tribunal.

Justice Huq gave the duo three weeks to respond to the tribunal, set up for trying crimes against humanity committed during the War of Independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

According to the rule, the tribunal was gathering information on trial proceedings of various international war crimes tribunals through Bangladeshi expatriate in Brussels Dr Ahmed Ziauddin.

The tribunal was using Skype and e-mail for making contacts with the expatriate.

A few days ago, the tribunal came to know that its e-mail and Skype accounts had been hacked.

On Wednesday, a man identifying himself as a The Economist journalist called one of the judges of the tribunal to ask some questions.

The man said The Economist had all the information the tribunal had exchanged through e-mail and Skype.


One Response to “Tribunal holds The Economist at Contempt”

  1. Matiur Rahman December 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    In order to ensure a fair trial, a Judge has to remain above and beyond all controversy. If a Judge is even remotely involved with the subject matter of the proceedings, then he has to refrain from acting as a Judge in the said proceedings – this is a time honoured principle observed by all Judges.

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