Scanned Copy of the Order passed by Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal-2 against Ahmed Ziauddin

3 Jan

Order of Tribunal-2 against Ahmed Zia Uddin

The International Crimes Tribunal-2 on Thursday asked Ahmed Ziauddin, an international law expert living in Belgium, to explain his role over the alleged Skype conversation with former ICT-1 chairman Justice Mohammad Nizamul Huq.

In a suo moto rule, the three-member tribunal headed by Justice Obaidul Hassan also ordered the Brussels-based academic to appear before the Bangladesh mission in Brussels by February 7 to explain under which authority he had interfered in “such a judicial matter”.

Nizamul Huq resigned on Dec 11 after Amar Desh, a BNP-leaning newspaper headed by an energy advisor in 2001-06 BNP government, published what it claimed were transcripts of an alleged Skype conversation between him and Ziauddin.

The most significant fact is that by this the Tribunal -2 has taken Judicial notice of the leaked Skype Conversations and Email Communications which conclusively proves a  high level interference by the Executives and third parties to a Judicial process to ensure conviction


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